Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

Jan 9, 2013

Happy Wednesday! Today is just the third day of the second work week but I am so busy! But never too busy to count my reasons for being happy.  Happiness is:

1. Free pizza last Monda, thanks to sponsors!
2. Free lumpia, cheesecake and barbecue, thanks to more sponsors!
3. Our ongoing diet, ha ha ha, if you could believe it given the above.
4. Super busy at work, but learning a lot!
5. Still being able to find time to blog because I find it relaxing.
6. Seeing my super friends again, complete this time and feeling as though we only see each other the morning before.  No such thing as distance or time between true friends :)
7. Reading the book Fountainhead. And surprisingly finding it very good. I thought it was boring.
8. Watching The Excorcist movie with the kids last weekend. It was more scary in my head than on screen, ha ha ha.
9. Planning our Cambodia trip! Okay, they plan and I just say yes and no, ha ha ha. Too busy!
10. No groupon purchase yet, he he he.

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