36 and Loving it!

Feb 7, 2013

I turned 36 last Friday, February 1 and it was filled with joy.  I had a simple lunch with my friends and my sister at KFC.  We also called it a mini-reunion since we dont get to see each other much after their move to a new building.  But as with friends, despite not seeing each other after several months, it seems like yesterday. They gave me the cake which I brought home for the dinner at home with my family later.
My sister was there also, and she gave me a gift, of cash, ha ha. She paid me for the blouse I bought as her gift to me. Ang sweet di ba? Oh and  my friend Karen who now works in Qatar and who should have been in the photo called to greet me. And I had lots of greetings on Facebook, Twitter, email and texts! Sweet!
At the office, we had four party sized pizza on the following Monday since everybody else was on training or on conference. It was so good, since we were all on diet.  But we forget the diet for the birthday celebration, making the pizza tastes more sumptuous!

And they gave me this wonderful gift: the prosperity charm bracelet that I have been wanting to be gifted since last year.  It will work on me, I can feel it, ha ha.  Meaning, more money for travel. Ha ha. Not in the picture are the dollars for my Cambodia fund! It is now safely inside my wallet, ha ha.

Of course, the highlight of my birthday was my dinner with the family.  We had the cake (from my friends) and some left over KFC chicken from lunch, and the spaghetti which I cooked.  We also had ice cream, given by my brother in law, and then my husband and I had champagne while I have my legs draped on his, and the kids were laughing at us tangled like that.
It was a great birthday celebration.  I had everything that I love around me, and I know that I am loved.  That is a lot more than I wished for, and I am indeed lucky to have all of these.  I am 36, and loving every minute of it! (And in case you are wondering why my husband do not have gift for me, well, pocket money for my Cambodia trip is gift #1, and gift #2 is the Kindle that he will "help"pay, ha ha ha).

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