Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

Feb 6, 2013

Happiness is:
1. My blog is restored and visible to everyone again!
2. My simple birthday celebrations with family and friends.
3. I now have a Kindle! Not yet paid, but I am working on it or rather I am working on my husband to pay for it, hahaha.
4. No classes for the kids since Tuesday because the teachers are on a tour.  They will have to go to school on Saturdays of this month, but it is still a relief to not wake up early.
5. I still cant believe that I was able to set foot in Mindanao already.
6. My coming trip to Cambodia in just two weeks. Excited!
7. Additional dollars to the Cambodia fund, thanks to my bosses!
8. My prosperity charm bracelet.  It is working because my blog is up again, and it means more income.
9. Coffee and crackers in the morning.
10. Zumba and my daily 6.7K run for losing weight (though I am not losing any!)

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