Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Feb 13, 2013

Happiness is:
1. It's just a week before my first ever out of the country trip to Cambodia! To say I am excited will be an understatement.
2. My husband, for his generosity.  Ha ha ha, thanks for the pocket money, Sweetheart!
3. My Kindle Fire for sustaining my book addiction! (Kahit di pa bayad, ha ha ha!)
4. Looking at watches in Amazon. Just looking, not buying. YET! Ha ha ha. Thanks Aryssa for this new addiction.
5. Learning a little day by day. If only my mind would not shut down when I am reading, I can finish a financial management book in record time! Ha ha ha.
6. My daily 6-7k run at the office gym and the Zumba on Tuesdays.  I just wish I get to lose some weight too and not just water weight.
7. My kids for the butterfly kisses. So sweet!
8. Danniel for being Top 2 and Ishi for being Top 6.
9. Green Tea. Starting to love it!
10. The birthday treat of my boss and office mate yesterday. It was a balanced diet: Salad, pasta, pizza, coke and dessert. Ha ha ha, they I say balanced?

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