So Undercover Movie Screening

Mar 25, 2013

Thanks to Ehms, Nuffnang and Adidas Neo, I was able to watch the screening of So Undercover. I actually made a post to join this contest, but I forgot to register my entry.  Good thing Ehms did write her entry at the last minute, won and took pity on me, ha ha ha.
The movie is hilarious.  It is not intellectual and all we did was laugh.  It was feel good movie, and we felt happy after because we were laughing so hard at all the silly scenes and there were a lot! No need to take this movie seriously because it is just a fun movie.  Expect more and you will be disappointed! 
We also saw Teng, who is a long time friend and an on again-off again blogger, he he he. She is so busy wearing too many hats: a mom, an accountant, a wife, a friend, a daughter, a business woman; its a wonder she still has time to blog! 
Oh and by the way, thanks Nuffnang and more movie screening contests to come!

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