Temple Hopping In Cambodia: Sunrise In Angkor Wat

Mar 16, 2013

Our flight to Siam Reap, Cambodia arrived at 1045 pm but were able to get to the hotel by midnight.  Our first order of business after checking in was to book a van(full day hire at US$51) to take us to Angkor Wat to view the sunrise.  We woke up at around 330am, took a bath and went down to meet our driver.  We did not hire a tour guide and decided to just do it on our own.  We bought a one week pass for US$40 each and we were off to see the. sunrise.  Okay, I have seen sunrise and I have seen sunset.  And on the scale of 1-10, I will give this a 7. 
Maybe I could have given it a 10 if we have a nice camera that could have taken better pictures.  As it is, my Sony point and shoot only to managed to capture this. And there were so many people too!  But we had fun waiting for the sun to come out and light up the temples! 
Despite the sea of people, I was able to manage a solo picture!  Tourists behind me were sitting down  by the way.  The best view of the sunrise is when you can see its reflection on the water. Too bad the sun was shy.
As we were about to go back to the hotel for breakfast, we saw the sun peeking on the right side of the temple! Before the other tourists got there to take a picture, we had ours, and they were beautiful.  I give my sunrise pictures a 10. Ha ha ha. 
After the sunrise viewing, we went back to the hotel to load up on the buffet breakfast. And then we were off to more temples that you will see in the next posrs!

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