Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Mar 20, 2013

Happiness is:
1. Danniel and Ishi are Achievers once more! Danniel is Top 2, and Ishi is Top 6. Proud Mom!
2. My husband is just a few weeks away from being a regular employee.  He already had his assessment a week ago and its looking good.  Thank you Lord!
3. Durian chips.
4. Finishing the Beautiful Creatures series and loving it.
5. Tea. Yes, I now love drinking tea.
6. Getting compliments (and believing them, ha ha ha) about my arms getting a little better in shape. Dapat lang no, ang bigat ng weights!
7. Tupig from my mom-in-law. I love them!
8. Extra moolah from our Cooperative. Yes!
9. My coming run with Ehms this weekend. Excited!
10. Ishi lost some weight already in just 10 days! Yes!

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