Conquering Mountains

Apr 15, 2013

At the summit of Mt. Batulao
My mom's question is still echoing in my ears: Why do you want to climb a mountain? And my answer? Why ever not? And also, Mallory's answer, because it's there. There is a huge satisfaction from conquering mountains, and knowing that you have conquered yourself and pushed yourself to your limits. And the view that greets you when you reach the summit (and even while trekking) that, is reward in itself.  Up there, you just marvel at the beauty of God's creation, and wish that others can see in wonder and in joy. That is how rewarding climbing mountains can be for me.  

I knew I always wanted to climb mountains, even in college, but my sense of self then was not what it is now so I never did get the courage to inquire at the school's mountaineering club. But now that I can, and while I still can, and I have friends who feel the same way that I do, I know that I this will not be my last mountain.   

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