Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

Apr 10, 2013

"Gratitude turns what we have into enough." Happiness is:

1. May Skycable na kami! And after two weeks without cable signal, we loveeeeee it!
2. The holiday yesterday was such a welcome respite from work. I just watch TV, sleep, read and eat. Hahahaha, tamad na tamad.
3. The GH fun run last Sunday, which was Ishi's first, and I hope not the last.
4. Drex, who also ran in the 5k category, won a gift check for P1000 worth of dips and dressings.  Good thing I bought some chips last week and we ate it over the weekend.
5. Nilagang Baka. In this heat? Oh yeah! Sarap talaga magluto ni Inay.
6. Magic Flakes and Peanut Butter. or Magic Flakes and Spinach and Anchovy Dip. Yummy!
7. Making up with my husband. He he. Making up is really an essential in any relationship.
8. Kisses and hugs from the kiddos. Even from my eldest who is bigger than me!
9. Having the willpower not to open my chocolate stash. I will once I reach my target weight of 132 lbs (A long way to go!)
10. Planning a weekend Mt. Batulao hike with my friends.

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