Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

Apr 17, 2013

"Do what makes you happy. Be with who makes you smile. Laugh as much as you breathe. Love as long as you live."

Happiness is:
1. Conquering Mt. Batulao.
2. Becoming officially, a pseudo-mountaineer, ha ha ha.
2. Planning the next mountain to climb with official climbing partners Ehms and Tinay.
4. The body aches and pains that comes with knowing that you did challenge yourself, and made it!
5. Tinay for being such a superb host, Stan for being such a game driver, he he and for bringing us to their Aunt's for free merienda.
6. The side trip at Punta Fuego and swimming at the white beach.
7. And the sunset viewing at Fuego point.
8. My husband, for allowing me to experience these things by never making it an issue. "Gusto mo yan eh." He he he, supportive din.
9. My Inay and my sister Kris for looking after the kids when I'm gone.
10. Our new 32 inc LED TV. Ha ha ha, kala mo Ehms, makakalimutan ko no? At si Vangie na rin for letting us use her card for installment! 

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