Keeping My Sanity with Save22!

Jul 16, 2013

I am a wife, a mom, a daughter, a sister, a friend, an employee, a student and an all-around busy body. There are only 24 hours a day, but I need more than that to do everything that is expected of me.  In the morning, I get my kids and my husband ready for school and work. That includes cooking, preparing their food and their clothes and keeping the house in order. When they are off to school only then can I have some quiet time for myself, maybe grab a cup of coffee while drying my hair and getting ready for work. At work, I do my job, lend an ear to a friend, go to the gym at noon, steal some time to do grocery shopping and then go home.  At home, I tend to my kids school work, get their things ready for the next day, prepare dinner and then get them to bed. Then I can read a book to send my self to sleep! And the day is over and on it goes the following day!
Me as the Mom, the Sister, the Wife and Friend
But wait, where do I find the time to study, be a daughter or a sister, blog, travel, be a wife and just plain keep my sanity? Well, there are ways! And is one of them!  
As a working (and studying) mom, I learn to find ways to make life easier.  To find clothes on sale and for  grocery finds, I go to  Not only do I get to know which establishment is having a sale, I also get a chance to find out which ones are giving exclusives! That's more saving and easier shopping for me!
Sale, sale, sale!
For travels deals, oh I am such a sucker for travels deals, everything and anything that is on sale is here! I was so excited when I saw the travel cruise on sale that my friends and I have been dreaming of since college!
Travel Galore!
Or how about for eating out? These ongoing promotions are such a big help, not only for my sanity, but for my pocket as well! Now that I have these savings, I have more money to save for our future needs!

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