What Kept Me Busy Last Week

Aug 3, 2013

I was too busy, to busy last week!
1. I had meetings out of the office for 3 days
2. I had a 2-day training
3. My sister Kris was not at home so I had to help the kids with their homework and costumes.
4. I was adding my comments on our group paper.
5. We had to go to a wake.
6. The house was a mess because we added a mezzanine.
7. I had to do the laundry and the ironing.
8. I was working on a project at work.
9. I had a bad case of allergies
10. It was raining!

And because it was a stressful week, I was stress eating! And this added more to my stress, hahaha. This was not as bad as before but I had no time to blog as I was too busy catching up with work and school stuff!  Now I am really wondering why I bothered to enroll, hahaha.

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