Things I Would Rather Be Doing Today

Sep 23, 2013

Today is a rainy Monday, and I had a fight with my alarm since 5:00 am.  Classes has been suspended so I was snuggling warmly with my kids as I beg for 5 more minutes from my alarm, until I finally had to relent at 830am.  It was still a victory, having stayed in bed for 3 more hours after first being woken up but I really did not want to come to work, what with the heavy rains and flooded streets.  But as an adult, I have responsibilities, so here I am at work.  But I am listing down the things I would rather be doing this very minute.
1. In with my kid's tangled legs draped all over me.
2. Having breakfast of fried rice, scarmbled egg and tuyo.
3. Or sopas, champorado or lugaw, perhaps.
4. Reading a book in bed
5. Doing a horror-movie marathon while snuggled in bed
6. Checking out how online casino works
7. Planning our itinerary for the coming Palawan trip
8. Eating chips while watching movies
9. Doing my homework or studying for finals (ugh, the responsible adult thing again!)
10. Dreaming of hiking a mountain (yeah, dreaming, coz I really wont hike when its pouring like this!)

These are just some of the things that I would rather be doing than being stuck here in the office, hahaha!

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