Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

Oct 23, 2013

Happiness is:
1. The Palawan trip with the family! Super fun! Very thankful for this blessing and we hope to do this again next year!
2.  The action shots of my kids during our city tour and Honda bay tour. Fun!
3. The nice Big Brother hotel room that we had! With a cute pool too.
4. Cooking for my family, and saving a lot too!
5. Tuna, shrimp and crabs in Palawan.  Yummy!
6. My sister Kris is now officially employed. Yehey, magkaka-internet na kami!
7. Bakers Hill's hopia. Wish I bought more!
8. The very relaxing Honda Bay tour.  And we weren't as burnt as I was afraid we were gonna be. Thanks to the rash guard we were able to rent.
9. I am now enrolled for the next semester.  Well, almost. Just need to pay my tuition fees.
10. Work load is now back to normal!

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