Travel is Love

Mar 8, 2014

If you ask me what I would rather be doing this very moment, I would say I would be traveling! I would be in another country looking at their wondrous culture, or in some island of the Philippines where I would either be swimming (more like wading) in a beach or climbing a mountain!  I would be experiencing new things, food and adventure. And I am thankful that I am able to do that now.  I know that some people do not understand how I would rather do this than say, buy new gadgets, but this is my vice.  To me, this is love.  It is something that I enjoy doing and I would continue to do until I am old.  I am lucky to have my family love traveling as much as I do even though we do not always have the means to.  I am thankful to my husband and superfriends who are likeminded, and I know that we will be going places together, both literally and figuratively!

And my advise to you, do it now! So that when you are old, you have lots of stories and memories to tell your grandkids! Been there, done that, as they say!

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