Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

Mar 13, 2014

Happiness is:
1. My husband already found a new job! Yey! Hope his pre-employment stuff turns out okay.
2. My score at the final exams last Sunday was great! I know I passed that subject with flying colors.
3. Going to the Grad School library for the first time.
4. Eating healthy and being able to forego meat and chips  for Lent.
5. Planning a Mt. Pulag trip. Super excited!
6. Running and core exercises. Hope I see results soon for all this pain.
7. Reading on my IPhone. Was finally able to download the Kindle App and free ebooks.
8. Corned tuna.
9. Coffee
10. Just  2 Sundays and I am done with my MBA subjects for this semester. I am so looking forward to summer!

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