Food I Would Never Eat in Cambodia!

Oct 1, 2014

I am adventurous. But only up to a point. I can eat food on the sidewalk, bought on the streets.  But I just cant eat these delicacies we saw while walking around Pub Street! Even for a bet, I wont! There were signs that says no to picture taking but we managed to take some when there were so many people looking! We also some of these being sold during our stop overs going to Phnom Penh.
Are these cockroaches? I don't know and I couldn't ask out of disbelief, hahaha!
I think we have here in the country but I don't know what they are called. Some kind of crickets.  I think I could eat these if my life depended on it.
Scorpions in wine bottle. No, thanks! They are said to be aphrodisiac or medicinal or something, but no thanks!
Are these snakes? For real? Or some kind of eels?  Is this how they feel when they see our bituka ng manok, betamax, etc being sold on the street? Grossed-out? Hahaha!
Scorpions or some other spiders! I don't think they will ever go down my throat! This I will definitely never eat! As if the onion leaves will make it appetizing!

Well, we saw some groups of foreigners eating them in Pub Street for a dare, and when we asked one them how it tastes, he said he can't say as it didn't stay long in his mouth! He was still spluttering from drinking too much water just to make it go down, hahahah! But I would definitely not eat them!

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