The Love Affair with Bahn Mi

Oct 2, 2014

My husband fell in love, and had an affair with Bahn Mi or the Vietnames snadwich being sold on the street! The sandwich was made from a baguette, some cold cut meat depending on what you prefer, then some veggies of either carrot or cucumber and some leaves and then some sauce. He loves it spicy!
The prices of the Banh Mi are different too! We had them at VND40,000 (with water) or at VND15,000 on the street! 
The picture below was taken while we were walking and this lady had her basket laid out to assemble the sandwich.  Not for the faint of heart though as they assemble it with their bare hands! My husband didn't seem to mind, hahaha! 
That first bite, though! Hahahaha!

Two Bahn Mi in one night! One street after the other! We even bought one for take out to the airport. That's how much he loved the Bahn Mi! He bought it home to the Philippines, hahahah!

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