15 Things in 2015

Jan 12, 2015

2014 was a great year, but 2015 will be even better. There were a few bumps relationship-wise, but everything else was just great.  But hey, as they say, you can't taste the sweet without the bitter, or something like that.  So for 2015, here are just some random things that I want to accomplish, let go or change.  Not really resolutions, but more of realizations:
1. It is okay to think of just myself sometimes.  That is not selfishness, but self-preservation.
2. I deserve better. 
3. I can be alone, and not lonely.
4. When given a challenge, be it a thesis deadline or work deadline, I sometimes surprise myself by rising up to the occasion. If only I can stop procrastinating, that would be great.
5. I will choose my battles.
6. I do not need to impress anyone. I do things for me, not for the approval of others.
7. I will not take the comprehensive exam this February. Hahaha. I said it.
8. I will go to Japan next week for work! How cool is that, hahaha (teka, resolution to di ba?)
9. I will always strive to be kind, rather than right.
10. My friends love me for me, not what I can do for them. Hooray for good friends!
11. I love the challenges of my work, and of motherhood.
12. The greatest joy is knowing that your kids are proud of you!
13. I should really learn how to drive manual. Hay.
14. I must update this blog more often!
15. Must climb a mountain soon!

So, those are my 15 things in 2015. I have no time to write really because I am swamped with work but I just want my readers (readers daw o!) to know that this blog is still alive!

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