What I Was Like As A Child

Oct 2, 2017

I was a very cute and chubby kid, who likes eating anything that I can have my hands on! I have a picture here to prove how cute I was!
Okay, so I was maybe a year or so here so this picture is antique, circa 1977! I don't think I look like any of my kids though, and that's a good thing! Hahahaha!

My Most Memorable Moment

Oct 1, 2017

Aside from all the wonderful memories of motherhood, my most memorable moment from my childhood was when I received an academic scholarship from St. Paul College of Pasig for my high school education.  I was the only one, among 200 students, to pass the exams from Caritas Manila, and to qualify for the scholarship. Because of that wonderful opportunity (though cut short, but that's another story), I was given a chance to study in one of the best Catholic schools in the country.  It has also given me a solid educational foundation. It has also made me realize the vast gap between the rich and the poor, and though I was literally a charity case in that school, I can choose to be positive about it.  That positivity and optimism has brought me to where I am now. Sad to say though that one of my most memorable moment also brings back one of my saddest moment in life, that early on.  But again, that's another story.

Podium Finisher

Aug 25, 2017

I finished 3rd in URC's 3rd Fun Run for a Healthier Run! This was my second year, winning the 3rd place medal, and teh cash prize of P2,000. Indeed, running has given me a lot of benefits! 
I not only get to run with my family and friends, I also get healthier, and I also get cash! What better way to stay healthy, right? 
So keep on running!

I Just Felt Like Running

Jul 4, 2017

I am not a couch potato (most days). I (think) I live a fairly active lifestyle. I climb mountains, I have a gym membership where I try to go everyday and I am not averse to walking.  But I have this crazy goal of running a marathon before I turn 42.  And this leads me to trying out half marathons in order to prepare myself for a punishing full mary in a year and a half's time.

But, on my third half-mary, I can honestly say that I am enjoying myself, and I can already see changes to my body.  I try to run at least 5 times a week (2 days run then rest and then 2 days run and then rest).  I also try to go to the gym daily for functional training, impact circuit and trx classes. I also see my run time improving.  For my first 21K in October 2016, I did 3:30 then 3:16 on my 2nd last April 2017.  For the third run last June 25 during the Leg 1 of the Run Rio trilogy, my time was 2:55, which is my best PR yet.  I will run the 21K in August, and I hope to finish at 2:30.
Fitness is my motivation for having started running.  I want to be able to live a healthier life and running give me such a good feeling that I feel my body looking forward to it. Just like Forrest Gump, there are days when I just feel like running! And soon, I will be confident enough to register for a full marathon!

Make Brushing More Fun with Minions!

Jun 7, 2017

My kids are no longer babies (not!) and they are do things on their own already.  They are now in their teens, and i don't have to remind them (not all the time, hahaha) to get themselves ready for bed.  But I still can still clearly remember how it was a few years ago when just getting them to brush their teeth was such a pain!  Good thing we made brushing such a fun activity.

Here are some ways how I made it fun for them:
1. Get them nice toothbrushes! When I go to the supermarket, I let them choose their own toothbrush so it doubles as a toy! Something like these Minions toothbrushes will do the trick! You can get these brushes here for you 2-5 years old, and here for your 5-9 years old. 
2. Sing a song.  Either a happy birthday song, or any song will do.  Okay, you can't really sing while brushing your teeth, but you can make noises, hahaha! Or you can do a chant, like Squeeze, Brush and Rinse!

3. Make it into a contest! Dare them to follow the leader, so they mimic what you do, or who can clean their teeth the best.  The kids will get crazy over those.

There are other fun ways to make brushing more fun as long as you let it be an enjoyable activity to look forward to.  

Have fun brushing!

How Have You Changed Over the Years?

Mar 7, 2017

I saw this app on Facebook that shows how much you have changed over the years based on your profile pictures. I got older, but I got prettier, hahahah!

PUP Laboratory High School Entrance Exam Results for SY 2017-2018

Update: Here is the link to the results.

My daughter took the PUP Laboratory High School entrance examination last February 18, 2017 and now, we are waiting for the results.  The results are expected to come out on March 17, 2017. I am a PUP alumni (both undergraduate and MBA), my eldest son also passed the college entrance exam and my middle child is now on his 8th grade in PUP Lab High.  So we are keeping our fingers crossed that the youngest will also pass.  But I am sure that is the sentiment of all parents of more than thousands of examinees!
In the meantime, lets all just keep praying for a very favorable result for all of us!

My 2017 New Year's Resolution

Jan 4, 2017


Sep 30, 2016

City Buffet Galleria: Could Have Been Better

Jul 29, 2016

Last night, I had a chance to eat again at City Buffet in Robinsons Galleria.  In case you missed it, I did my first review of this palce in 2012 and fast forward to 2016, I didn't think there was an improvement.  Again, I was not paying for the meal because it was a birthday treat and while I thoroughly enjoy the evening with my best friends, I couldn't say the same for the food.

The dinner buffet on a weekday was at P399, inclusive of unlimited drinks.  The aircon was not working so there were huge fans in the dining area.  Only a few tables were occupied, so it was not hot nor unpleasant.

As to the food, here are my plates and I think I have sampled everything except for the pasta and pizza. Of course, my first plate was from the sushi section and I had a piece of everything.  No, they don't have salmon or tuna, only sushi. And they don't have shrimp tempura, only crabstick and vegetable.  I asked, and they said they only serve shrimp tempura during weekends. Hayyyyy!

Anyway, so there was little selection and there were just a few people. But the service was great.  The crew were all smiling, and apologetic when I asked about the tempura, and was very helpful in making the sukiyaki. 

So, again, will I eat at City Buffet again? If free, yes.  But if I were the one paying, I would rather eat somewhere else.


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