Bad Idea Pt 1

Sep 24, 2008

If your partner asks you anything about any of your former relationships, don't give any answer. Its damn if you do, damn if you don't. Truth is overrated, I tell you. (Insert long sigh here) You can't win. I mean isn't there a statute of limitations for these kind of things? Can you still be blamed for folly's of your youth? Like things that happened 13 years ago? Ha ha, okay so the love of my life didn't "overreact." He was just "surprised." But not as surprised as I was, I tell you!I was mentally banging my head on the wall for being stupid enough to answer the incriminating question. Hay naku, basta take it from me. Never, as in never, give any details.

Oh, the question? What was the question? If we are this tight, I might just tell you :-)

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