Bohol, Here I Come!

Sep 12, 2008

Okay, so its three months from now. But I am already very excited planning this trip. Plan A is to bring the three kiddies along if Rona and Ehms will come with us. Rona is almost sure. Ehms needs more convincing. Okay, come November, Ehms would have to pay for the tickets, whether she like it or not! Hey guys, I thought we will try to visit at least one new place every year? We went to Baguio and Boracay (more on these trips later) last year and its September already and we have no definite plans yet. Rona has been roaming the archipelago this year for work. Where is she now by the way? But travelling with family and friends is very different. Its more expensive, more tiring for the mommies (or Daddies, in the case of Rodney, he he love you Rons!) and a lot more fun!

But there is always the reality that money is scarce (sniff, sniff) and it may just be the two us (Hubby and I) off to our honeymoon. Um, did I say this is Plan B, more like THE PLAN, dontcha think?

Stay tuned for more of my Bohol plans...

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