The Eraserheads Reunion Concert:BITIN!

Sep 22, 2008

Due to insistent public demand, here are my phots during THE CONCERT. Sorry for the quality of the pictures but I was using my camera phone. And because I was already crazily singing with the band and did'nt care for pictures anymore :-) I was there for the band, the music and Oh boy, we were all so high. People behind me were shouting "group hug, group hug"and Ï love you Markus!" It was crazy!

yep, SVIP passes!

Some celeb sightings there, but i dont care. I am glued to the stage. Senator Zubiri and his wife were in front of us and shook my husband's hands but I wasn't interested. I came here for the Eheads!
Was going crazy by this time!

Oh no! Ely's sister and the band made the the sad accouncement.

I want more! But of course, Ely's health is the the foremost consideration here, but it was really bitin. They were supposed to sing more songs: maskara, poorman's grave,torpedo,trip to jerusalem,back to me,maselang bahaghari, maling akala,tikman,spolarium,magasin,para sa masa,overdrive,pare ko, minsan, huling el bimbo. Dang, I really want more!

I was this close to the stage! Hu hu hu!

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