How I Lost 23 Unwanted Pounds

Nov 27, 2008

I lost 23 pounds since December of last year and everybody has been asking me about it. So to finally set the record straight, read on:

Why I wanted to lose weight:

  1. I had a pregnant office mate who weighed 146 lbs and was due to give birth that month. Although she was 2 inches shorter than me , that time I weighed 148 lbs at my 5"1' frame.
  2. Shopping for a swimming shorts at the Robinsons Mall, I was frustrated that I couldn't find anything that would fit. I was not even looking for a shorts that would look good on me, just one that would fiiittt. I ended up buying a garterized, lola shorts.
  3. Above also applies to jeans and blouses. I would always end up buying unflattering clothes to hide the unflattering bulges.
  4. I get tired easily just from walking a flight of stairs, or running after my kids.
  5. I had a Cholecystectomy a few years back and I should be watching my diet. Eating too much causes bitterness in my mouth and a slight pain in my side. I even had to take Nexium for that.
  6. My office uniform for the coming year wouldn't fit anymore.
  7. My husband was diagnosed as hypertensive and I want to show him that we could lose some weight together.
  8. I felt old, sluggish and bloated.
  9. I don't feel so confident about how I look anymore. Though my husband, bless his sweet heart, always tells me he love me just the way I am. *Kilig, kilig*
And now here are the Hows:

Okay, I lost 23 pounds starting December until March and have kept my weight at 122-125 lbs since then. For four months, here is what I did and in some cases, still do:
  1. Yes, I took diet pills from 3 months. December to February. One pill a day. If you subscribe to my feeds, I might tell you what the pill was, where to buy and how much. Ha ha ha. No side effects, promise!
  2. I watch what I eat and eat smaller meals. No, I never skip meals. But I don't eat as much merienda anymore.
  3. I jog every morning. This I did religiously the whole summer, either with my eldest or my husband or both, or just by myself. However, my sister changed her schedule from 6am to 8am when school opened last June and I sometimes have an excuse to wake a little later and would sometimes miss jogging. Now, we only jog at least 3 times a week.
  4. I do aerobics every morning by following the Hiphop Abs video for at least 30 minutes. I do this after jogging and while cooking breakfast. Lately however, with school schedules being a little later, I only do this on weekends.
  5. If I miss jogging or aerobics, I would volunteer to scrub the wooden floor in my mother-in-laws house using our trusty Bunot.
  6. We exercise at the QC Circle during weekends every chance we got. We jog and do aerobics there also. We sometimes bike and play badminton.
  7. I don't tell my husband as often as before na magpaburger naman siya.
  8. I walk from our house to the palengke, Puregold, my favorite bading hairstylist's parlor, and wherever else, that I used to ride a tricycle to reach.
There are lot of things I did and still do that is consciously directed toward doing more physical activity and eating sensibly, which is anyway what losing weight really boils down to. Though I initially had help from the diet pills, I didn't let it do all the work and really concentrated my efforts in getting my ideal weight. Now, even though I binge occasionally, I manage to the pounds away by doing the activities above.

PS. I was supposed to post my before and after photos but chickened at the last minute. But again, if you subscribe to my feeds or leave comments, I just might edit and post them here. Heh.

PPS. Sige na nga, here are the photos .

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