Disconnection Notice

Oct 28, 2008

Did you get to see Ely Buendia and his band Pupil perform in Eat Bulaga last Saturday? If not, hell, you missed a lot! Ely was wearing his shades and he was so payat, and for a while there I was thinking, baka mag-collapse na naman. He he. I did not like the song Disconnection Notice when I first heard it. Did you? Maybe, it will grow on me. But seing Ely perform, kinikilabutan talaga ako. (I don't really care whether there's gonna be a Part II of the reunion concert, because I was there during the first. It was bitin, all right pero iba ang yabang when you got to watch the first reunion concert e. He he. And if his health and the band's respective dramas would permit, the part II would just be an icing to the cake. I digress!)
Then, when Francis M sang Superproxy with Ely, W-O-W! Seeing these two perform together, you have to thank God for giving them another chance to do what they do best, make people happy. I was. I think Julia Clarete was as happy as me. People from Eat Bulaga's back stage all looked pumped-up. Seeing their very own Francis M. make a comeback at EB after a fight with Leukemia made them more appreciative of the guy. Same with Ely, knowing that he did not make arte lang during the reunion concert(as rumored) and that the guy really has heart problems, you tend to appreciate him more. The talent, the devotion to the craft. Hay, i know, I sound like a groupie . He he, but what the hell, e fan talaga and proud of it :-)
To Ely and Francis M, healthwise, keep up the fight!
Oh, and elsewhere, other Eraserheads song were played last Saturday. The songs live!

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