Gagambino Revisited

Oct 24, 2008

We watched Gagambino again last night because exams were over(yey!) and nothing good was showing on HBO. After 4 days, I was surprised but still unimpressed. They finally changed the lines of the song from "Gagambino, Gagambino" to "Gusto mo ba talagang maging Superhero". I told Drex, maybe because I blogged about it (he, he!). The lines are more catchy and na-LSS na nga ako, I was singing it on the way to the office. Anyway, enumerated below are my latest comments:

1. They killed Zoren (sorry, missed whodunnit and why, he he).
2. Bino the kid is still mayabang. On the preview of the next night's show, as Dennis as Bino is still maangas! Drex said mayabang na siya bata pa lang so paglaki nya, mayabang din siya.
3. Why dont they shoot the giant spider while it was running away with Bino?
4. Why dont they give the spider a nickname? Bino is calling him Gagamba, why not Gagam or Spidey or sumtin? He he, I asked my kids what they will call the giant spider it it was their pet and they both said "Gagamba!". He he, such unispired kids!
5. I was not comfortable with the kid Harold holding that gun and fighting with his mom for it. Okay, maybe it was needed to show his beetle-like powers, but the kids watching the show are impressionable. I was quick to shout, Bawal Humawak ng Baril! and my kids were looking at me like, hello, may baril ba tayo? Toy gun nga ayaw mo kami ibili o pahawakin e. But still.
6. Preview for coming episodes shows the very sexy Katrina Halili (no problem with here, she really is sexy). I know, I know, why do I keep watching the darn show e ang dami ko naman palang comment? Maybe becasue its, well, new? He he.

I am seriously thinking that last night was the last time we will watch the show because the time slot is a little past their bedtime (though Kris still wants to watch La Lola) and because it is not really suitable for young audiences. I am still looking values it would teach my kids. Actually, I think no GMA show after 24 Oras is suitable for young audiences.

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