How to Get The One (or Someone) to Like You

Oct 7, 2008

What do you say to people who have never been into a romantic relationship since birth? Well, nothing, really. It is their life, ergo, their choice. And there is nothing remotely wrong with that. There is Blessedness in Singleness and don't let people tell you otherwise. A relationship involves work and commitment. You don't just jump when the first man asks you out just to get out of NBSB society. There is a science and art to getting the opposite sex like you:

  • Its you. Yes, not them, its you. Love yourself. Highlight your beauty. Pamper yourself. That way you will feel confident and and your moves will show it. Nothing exudes an aura of sexiness more than the confidence that you feel in yourself.

  • Be seen. I mean, how will people know you exist when your daily life consists of the house-office-house routine? Only your neighborhood tambays will get to see you! Why don't you go out with friends and get to meet friends of friends, cousins of friends, you know, other people?

  • Be nice. Sometimes, all it takes for a person to like you is your attitude. Be easy to talk to, be funny(do not overdo!), be nice. Dont be snarky and nasty. Remember that an effort is being made so make it easier for the other person by being nice and approachable.

  • Go for it. When you think you find the one, why dont you go for it. Dont be obvious, just simple nuances that could get him thinking. Subtlety is the key.

Remember, you dont need a man/woman to make you feel good about yourself. Only you can make that choice. Dont ever settle. You can do a lot better than that. There is no sense in getting trapped in a meaningless relationship just to have one. One thing is for sure though. Someone out there is waiting for you.

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