To plan or Not to Plan

Oct 10, 2008

Remember that Bohol trip? It seems like its going to be Plan A after all -big big thanks to Cebu Pacific's very crazy seat sale. I was able to book us tickets (all 5 of us!) for only a whooping Two Thousand pesos! Yes, crazy!

But should I start planning now(its only 60 days to go)? I have been scouring the net already for resorts, tour packages, ferry, etc, etc. Excited much? He he. You bet!

The plans are still a-changing because Ehms and family (they also have tickets!) may not be able to get a leave from work. Rona and family, on the other hand still has to arrange the kid's school schedule (well yes, i don't know if you can re-schedule first communions?) So you see the dilemma?

I am itching to start the planning and stuff but I cant get to it yet because I don't know my final headcount yet. And how to you get quotations if you do not have a head count? (insert long-suffering sigh here)

Yes, to plan or not YET to plan. He he he.

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