(Cyber) Bullying is A Crime

Nov 28, 2008

In Yahoo news, a jury found a mother guilty of three misdemeanors which led to a 13-year old's suicide. She was only convicted for the lesser crime of accessing computers without authorization and will serve only three years, instead of 20, had she been convicted of the main charge of conspiracy. According to prosecutors, Lori Drew, her daughter and her business assistant created a phony Myspace account for a boy, sent flirtatious messages to the 13-year old Megan, who then killed herself when the boy dumped her.

As a mother myself, I know that I would do a lot of things to keep my kids from getting hurt. But there are fights that we should let our kids handle. Just because the Megan said mean and cruel things to Sarah, her daughter, Lori decided to humiliate the former. And that led to suicide. How will she be able to live with herself after that?

One time, my 10- year old son went home crying and only after much prodding did he told me that a bully kicked him at the back during a basketball game when he wouldn't hand the ball he got after a rebound play. The bully was a burly boy of 14 and was the nephew of a policeman in our street. What's a mom to do? So I went to the bully's house to talk to his mother. On our way to their house, my son saw him get inside. I told the mother what her son did to mine and that all I asked is his apology. I was so disappointed with what she said, Hindi pa nga umuuwi ang lintik na iyon e. At kapag nakita mo, e di sipain mo din ang walanghiya! What the hell!!! She was obviously lying because her son passed by her on the way inside. And for her to tell me to kick her son? Anyway, I just told my son it was useless to talk to them and that he should just avoid playing with that bully in the future. Although I really wanted to kick the bully, it wouldn't set a good example with my kid. If I went the Lori Drew way, I really should have kicked him but again, it was not my fight. I even felt a twinge of pity for the kid, seeing his mother like that.

I jut hope that bullies everywhere, on the street, on the internet gets punished for their crime.

I Voted For Suzanne Franco

Nov 27, 2008

Being new on the blogosphere, you are always on the look-out for blogs that will help you achieve your goals in blogging. I read Manuel and Fatherblogger regularly since they are both very helpful to novice bloggers like me. They provide rich content and very informative tips and tricks on blogging.

I was intrigued when I first saw Angel's post about I Voted for Suzanne Franco. So I went and check out her blog and for days now, have been regularly checking her site. And I was pleasantly surprised and frankly convinced that she deserved the title, Blogging Idol. You see, Suzanne Franco's blog, like SM, has it all. From Making Money Online, to Affiliate Marketing, Niche Marketing, SEO and a lot more, her site gives you an idea that possibilities in the blogging world are endless.

So yes, I Voted for Suzanne Franco and if you get to love her blog, like I do, vote for her.

How I Lost 23 Unwanted Pounds

I lost 23 pounds since December of last year and everybody has been asking me about it. So to finally set the record straight, read on:

Why I wanted to lose weight:

  1. I had a pregnant office mate who weighed 146 lbs and was due to give birth that month. Although she was 2 inches shorter than me , that time I weighed 148 lbs at my 5"1' frame.
  2. Shopping for a swimming shorts at the Robinsons Mall, I was frustrated that I couldn't find anything that would fit. I was not even looking for a shorts that would look good on me, just one that would fiiittt. I ended up buying a garterized, lola shorts.
  3. Above also applies to jeans and blouses. I would always end up buying unflattering clothes to hide the unflattering bulges.
  4. I get tired easily just from walking a flight of stairs, or running after my kids.
  5. I had a Cholecystectomy a few years back and I should be watching my diet. Eating too much causes bitterness in my mouth and a slight pain in my side. I even had to take Nexium for that.
  6. My office uniform for the coming year wouldn't fit anymore.
  7. My husband was diagnosed as hypertensive and I want to show him that we could lose some weight together.
  8. I felt old, sluggish and bloated.
  9. I don't feel so confident about how I look anymore. Though my husband, bless his sweet heart, always tells me he love me just the way I am. *Kilig, kilig*
And now here are the Hows:

Okay, I lost 23 pounds starting December until March and have kept my weight at 122-125 lbs since then. For four months, here is what I did and in some cases, still do:
  1. Yes, I took diet pills from 3 months. December to February. One pill a day. If you subscribe to my feeds, I might tell you what the pill was, where to buy and how much. Ha ha ha. No side effects, promise!
  2. I watch what I eat and eat smaller meals. No, I never skip meals. But I don't eat as much merienda anymore.
  3. I jog every morning. This I did religiously the whole summer, either with my eldest or my husband or both, or just by myself. However, my sister changed her schedule from 6am to 8am when school opened last June and I sometimes have an excuse to wake a little later and would sometimes miss jogging. Now, we only jog at least 3 times a week.
  4. I do aerobics every morning by following the Hiphop Abs video for at least 30 minutes. I do this after jogging and while cooking breakfast. Lately however, with school schedules being a little later, I only do this on weekends.
  5. If I miss jogging or aerobics, I would volunteer to scrub the wooden floor in my mother-in-laws house using our trusty Bunot.
  6. We exercise at the QC Circle during weekends every chance we got. We jog and do aerobics there also. We sometimes bike and play badminton.
  7. I don't tell my husband as often as before na magpaburger naman siya.
  8. I walk from our house to the palengke, Puregold, my favorite bading hairstylist's parlor, and wherever else, that I used to ride a tricycle to reach.
There are lot of things I did and still do that is consciously directed toward doing more physical activity and eating sensibly, which is anyway what losing weight really boils down to. Though I initially had help from the diet pills, I didn't let it do all the work and really concentrated my efforts in getting my ideal weight. Now, even though I binge occasionally, I manage to the pounds away by doing the activities above.

PS. I was supposed to post my before and after photos but chickened at the last minute. But again, if you subscribe to my feeds or leave comments, I just might edit and post them here. Heh.

PPS. Sige na nga, here are the photos .

Happy, happy, Joy, joy!

Nov 26, 2008

My feeds are working and my new template is smokin'! Thanks to Amanda for the very nice template and all tutorials blog-related.

Okay, now I am back in business!

I love blogging!

A Little Tweak Here and There

This blog is under major reconstruction! See, i can't seem to get my feeds to work so I am tweaking a little here and a little there. I may need to change to a new template altogether! I know zilch about HTML and this may be the best time to learn about it. Also, the I am rethinking the colors altogether. So if you have any tips and comments on how to best improve this blog, please feel free to leave a comment below.

In the meantime, visit my other blog.

Eheads, The Movie!

Nov 21, 2008

The filmed coverage of the Eraserheads reunion concert last August 30 at the Fort Bonifacion Open Field will be shown on theaters starting November 26, according to news reports.

Will I watch it? No, of course not! I was there so why should I watch it? He, he. At the concert, we called our friends (who where not as fortunate as yours truly to have bosses related to MTV bosses, he he) to give insider info about the sad news on Ely and while they were glued to their tv's breaking news, they saw us in GMA-7.

I wont watch the movie cuz if I saw myself there on the big screen e sumigaw pa ako ng Ayun ako o! Kahiya!

Bohol, Philippines!

Nov 20, 2008

See the countdown on your right side? Yep, we are off to Bohol in 12 days, 6 hours, 4 minutes and counting :-) Too excited!
Its just me, the hubby and the 3 kiddos. Sadly, work, school and more work prevented Rona and Ehms from coming with us. Oh well, I am sure there will be more Cebu Pacific seat sale in the future.
This will be our first major family vacation ever and I am both scared and excited! Scared of the gastos, he he. I will tell you more about the planning and the costs involved after the trip.
Bohol, here we come!

Dubai, Anyone?

Nov 19, 2008

We all want a better life for our family and sometimes, failure to find a job here that pays enough forces us to seek employment abroad. Yes, forces us, because really, who would want to work abroad and be away from one's family if we can find the right job here. Unfortunately, the reality is that Filipinos are all over the world and seeking better opportunities because none are available at home. Sadly, being away from home, our workers are often victims of exploitation . And even more frustrating is that it seems our government do not have a program to ensure the safety and protection of our workers abroad. The TV ads of Senator Manuel Villar about paying for the fare of our workers so they can go home after being maltreated makes me sick. I mean, as a senator, what is his program for these abused OFW's? Paying for their airfare is like putting a band-aid on an open and gaping wound!

And coming across this article forwarded in my email earlier, it seems we are not alone in our plight. Even workers from Dubai's neighboring cities and countries are being treated as "slaves"and most of the time, it is poverty that drove them to bear worst work conditions:

"Not for the first time, I am told that while the immigrant workers are living in appalling conditions, they would be even worse off back home - as if poverty in one place can justify exploitation in the other."

Though there are also success stories of people who seek opportunities abroad, there are more sob stories and horror stories. And these stories may be our ours the next time we work abroad. Dubai, anyone?

Immaculate Conception Parish in Balayan Batangas

Nov 18, 2008

This is the Immaculate Conception Parish in Balayan, Batangas where my nephew was baptized last Saturday.

The historical marker reads:

Unang ipinatayong yari sa mahihinang kagamitan ng mga paring Pransiskano sa ilalim ng pamamahala ni Padre Fransisco De Santa Maria noong 1579. Inilipat ang pamamahalang espiritwal ni Padre Juan De Oliver sa mga Heswita sa pamumuno ni Padre Pedro Chirino 591. Ipinatayong yari sa bato noong 1748. Muling inilipat ang pamamahala ng parokya sa mga Paring Sekular na Kastila.1753. Pagkaraan sa mga Rekoletos 1876. Isinalin sa mga Paring Sekular na Pilipino sa ilalim ng Arsidiyoeses ng Maynila 1908. Napalipat ang pangangasiwa sa Diyosesis ng Lipa at ang pari ay si Padre Benigno Gamez.

The bell tower:

The altar and ceiling:
I forgot to take pictures however of the McDonald's store in the church ground which was the subject of heated debates some years back. Oh, and there is now a van terminal beside McDonald's, which is also inside the church ground.

Anlalawa, A Batangueno Spider

Nov 17, 2008

In my hometown in Tuy Batangas, we call a spider, ANLALAWA. My kids, ManileƱos that they are, were excited to see this Anlalawa up close when we went home last weekend and of course, I had to take some photos.
You can only do some much with a 2-megapixel camera phone :-)I had to stop taking pictures when a Lola called me and said, "Ano ba naman ang mga batang are at akala mo'y ngay-on lamang nakakita ng anlalawa, ay sa Maynila ba'y walang gay-an. Ineng, pumarine ka nga at makihunta ka muna dine."

He he :-)

100+ Effective ways for Family members to save Money

Nov 14, 2008

Now that pay-out for our 13th month pay is near, we should spend that hard-earned money wisely and not just use it to buy things that we don't really need. We should not get carried away and use the coming season to spend unnecessarily. We should always remember that saving should be taught to our children and to all members of the household so that it could be a way of life for all us. There are also areas of expenses that are non-negotiable for all of us,(like health card for my kids in my case) but we should always be on the look-out for other ways where we can save without sacrificing the needs and comfort of our families.

And here are very useful tips from the Father Blogger:

"There are a lot of ways to save money for the whole family, and most of them are practical and easy to follow. However, it is within ourselves who will make decisions if we will follow them or not. Below is a good list according to applicable categories such as Food, Education, Shopping and others, which I have compiled for easier reading. Most of them are now being practiced by my family.

Just remember that these were created to save money, and not to sacrifice the necessities of the family."


1 Make a strict budget and stick with it. Discipline your self.
2 Save time in everything you do. The time you save can be spent to earn more money.
3 Plan your family according to your income and status.
4 Manage your debt. Do not add loan in payment of another loan.
5 Learn the do-it-yourself activities like washing your car, cutting your hair, and minor troubleshooting of appliances.
6 Do not be excited with insurance programs. Have enough time to choose them before joining.
7 Do not join the lottery. Do not take chances on luck and work harder instead.
8 Save at least 10% of your earning no matter what happens. Cut it off it automatically every payday and consider it as part of your tax.
9 Coins are heavy on the pocket, so keep them at home and let them grow.
10 Make a list of your daily expenses, make a graph and analyze it during weekends. You will know which one you should cut off.
11 Learn the art of banking, and how to choose the best bank for you.
12 Watch out for identity thieves. Protect your ATM cards, and memorize your PIN instead of writing it.
13 To avoid transaction fees, do not withdraw money using ATM card to machines that do not belong to your network group.
14 Train your children to save energy which can be converted to money.
15 Teach your children all that you have learned. The earlier you do it, the better.
16 Live a simple life. Do not spend more than what you earn.
17 Identify your NEEDS and separate your WANTS. They are the two different things at home.


18 Do not cook for dinner. Instead, make your lunch the same as dinner to save one cooking.
19 Besides junk foods and soft drinks, avoid coffee creamers, excess food seasoning and other non-value add on food.
20 Prepare our own snacks especially for children. Instead of eating outside with them during weekends, attract them with different recipes.
21 Have a vegetable day at least once a week. Use vegetable in replacement for meat for spaghetti and others.
22 Instead of flowers and other attractive plants in your backyard, plant common vegetables.
23 Learn how to cook recycled foods. Fried fish can be cooked again with tomato soup with egg.
24 Wrap the vegetables such as carrots and celery in a foil before you refrigerate them. They will stay fresh for a longer period of time.

For the complete list, head over to Father Blogger.

I Like to Move it, Move it!

Nov 12, 2008

We watched Madagascar as part of our company's Family Day celebration last weekend. I think think the movie has more adult themes than the previous one. While watching, I was looking sideways at my kids if they were enjoying themselves and they seemed to like it very much, though not as much as the first movie. My husband was also enjoying himself. At some scenes, I cant stop myself from laughing out loud because my kids were very happy. Oh well, wish ko lang hindi nila nage-gets yung mga pang-adult na usapan.

Jojo Binay for President?

Nov 11, 2008

This news headline crack me up with its pun obviously intended:

Dark horse Binay inspired by win of first black US president

He he. What a play on words indeed!

Then, this other news made me wonder if we are looking at our very own first black president:

RP's 'Barack', Jojo Binay, declares presidential bid

Hay, Philippine politics indeed!

The Nestle Commercial Made Me Cry

Nov 10, 2008

There is this newest Nestle commercial where you see a family of four riding the MRT and my husband was like, where are they going during an obviously noche buena time? Then you see them again riding down the escalator with some picnic things and then setting up that picnic on the sidewalk. Then you see a teenager, inside a call center, weary and almost weepy, obviously working late on a Christmas night and you see him looking out the window and seeing his family waving at him to join the salo-salo. Yeah, it made me cry. I don't know why. My husband and my son Drexelle were laughing so hard as I was wiping my tears. I told my husband, what if Drexelle was the son who was working at a Christmas night, don't you think I will not ask all of you to do the same? He, he. That stopped both of them from laughing, but I could see a beautiful smile coming from Drexelle.

And now, writing this down, I am again misty-eyed. Heh!

How Do You Feel After Reading A Book?

Nov 6, 2008

I just finished reading the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer and I feel sad. I usually feel this way when the book is especially good. It's like I lost a dear companion or a friend. If the book is bad, I feel reading it is a chore, a burden. But if its bad, why do I continue to read it? Well, I am not a quitter, so minsan kahit pangit, I keep on reading, kasi kawawa naman yung nagsulat. And also, baka sakaling maganda pala sa huli. If the book turns out to be good after all, I read it again, but with the respect it deserves. But those books that are really bad, you can usually find inside our toilet, he he. I can usually finish a good paperback in a day or two, if I can ignore my kids and husband. I have also been known to keep certain books in the toilet for months :-)

Anyway, I know that Vangie is feeling sad today after she finished reading Master of the Game by Sidney Sheldon. It is also one of my favorite books by one of my favorite writers. I think I have read all of his books.

So, you, how do you feel after reading a book?

I hope Obama Wins

Nov 5, 2008

The US presidential elections is all about race, many people are saying. Barack Obama, the first black who have a shot at being the 44th president of the United States of America, may just prove that it is so. Despite the prejudices against blacks, or any people of color for that matter, throughout history, this elections is unfolding to be very interesting and may prove to be the great equalizer. Will America final elect a black president? Will people finally ignore the color of one's skin and weigh the future of their country based on the candidate's individual qualifications? We will know in several hours.
I hope Obama wins. Sabi ni Howie Severino, "because of both his skin color and upbringing, Obama may have a natural empathy towards Asian minorities in America". So, sa dami ng Filipinos in America, will this be a good thing for us? Okay, thats just wishful thinking for us pero we can wish.

Update: I came back from lunch and America has a new president! Barack Obama became the 44th President of the United States of America. He is the first African-American to hold the highest office. John McCain already conceded his defeat.


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