(Cyber) Bullying is A Crime

Nov 28, 2008

In Yahoo news, a jury found a mother guilty of three misdemeanors which led to a 13-year old's suicide. She was only convicted for the lesser crime of accessing computers without authorization and will serve only three years, instead of 20, had she been convicted of the main charge of conspiracy. According to prosecutors, Lori Drew, her daughter and her business assistant created a phony Myspace account for a boy, sent flirtatious messages to the 13-year old Megan, who then killed herself when the boy dumped her.

As a mother myself, I know that I would do a lot of things to keep my kids from getting hurt. But there are fights that we should let our kids handle. Just because the Megan said mean and cruel things to Sarah, her daughter, Lori decided to humiliate the former. And that led to suicide. How will she be able to live with herself after that?

One time, my 10- year old son went home crying and only after much prodding did he told me that a bully kicked him at the back during a basketball game when he wouldn't hand the ball he got after a rebound play. The bully was a burly boy of 14 and was the nephew of a policeman in our street. What's a mom to do? So I went to the bully's house to talk to his mother. On our way to their house, my son saw him get inside. I told the mother what her son did to mine and that all I asked is his apology. I was so disappointed with what she said, Hindi pa nga umuuwi ang lintik na iyon e. At kapag nakita mo, e di sipain mo din ang walanghiya! What the hell!!! She was obviously lying because her son passed by her on the way inside. And for her to tell me to kick her son? Anyway, I just told my son it was useless to talk to them and that he should just avoid playing with that bully in the future. Although I really wanted to kick the bully, it wouldn't set a good example with my kid. If I went the Lori Drew way, I really should have kicked him but again, it was not my fight. I even felt a twinge of pity for the kid, seeing his mother like that.

I jut hope that bullies everywhere, on the street, on the internet gets punished for their crime.

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  • Anonymous
    November 28, 2008  

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  • Anonymous
    November 28, 2008  

    i read about the cyber bullying incident. there's a lot of hate if a woman creates a dummy myspace account just to befriend a 13year old and eventually manipulate her into suicide. what kind of parents think like that?

    on the other hand, i admire you for what you did in standing up for your son, but having the wisdom not to pursue the matter further when the bully's mother lied like that. that was a tough and wise decision to do. we cant control others actions but we can control ours, and if that means forgetting an incident, so be it.

    thanks too for dropping by my site earlier.

    cheers from,
    blog of the SaGaDa-iGoRoT
    building strong boys...

  • PhilJurisDigest
    November 28, 2008  

    wow, the power of the internet - deadly rin pala ang internet ^o^. anyway, nakaw, ang mga bullies sa mundo - mukang di na sila mauubos HAHA! they'll regret that in their future life; I believe in karma ^__^ nice post! i had fun reading it ^_____________^

  • Anonymous
    December 02, 2008  

    wow...I had not heard of this...but wow

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