Dubai, Anyone?

Nov 19, 2008

We all want a better life for our family and sometimes, failure to find a job here that pays enough forces us to seek employment abroad. Yes, forces us, because really, who would want to work abroad and be away from one's family if we can find the right job here. Unfortunately, the reality is that Filipinos are all over the world and seeking better opportunities because none are available at home. Sadly, being away from home, our workers are often victims of exploitation . And even more frustrating is that it seems our government do not have a program to ensure the safety and protection of our workers abroad. The TV ads of Senator Manuel Villar about paying for the fare of our workers so they can go home after being maltreated makes me sick. I mean, as a senator, what is his program for these abused OFW's? Paying for their airfare is like putting a band-aid on an open and gaping wound!

And coming across this article forwarded in my email earlier, it seems we are not alone in our plight. Even workers from Dubai's neighboring cities and countries are being treated as "slaves"and most of the time, it is poverty that drove them to bear worst work conditions:

"Not for the first time, I am told that while the immigrant workers are living in appalling conditions, they would be even worse off back home - as if poverty in one place can justify exploitation in the other."

Though there are also success stories of people who seek opportunities abroad, there are more sob stories and horror stories. And these stories may be our ours the next time we work abroad. Dubai, anyone?

4 comments: to “ Dubai, Anyone?

  • Jigs Garcia
    November 21, 2008  

    Nice Blog! Keep up the good work. PMTier

  • christina
    November 24, 2008  

    most of my friends were in Dubai they're doing good. as a matter of fact, another kumare will be off for Dubai on Dec 28. cguro it's just a matter of wit, know-how, & ability. or depende sa tao kung hahayaan nya na apihin cya..kc mostly, sugod lng ng sugod, bahala attitude ika nga, basta pagkakakitaan..

  • Dinah
    November 25, 2008  

    yes, some are lucky, but still some are not ;-( minsan kasi yung iba, walang choice kundi tanggapin ang abuse na natatanggap nila.

  • Anonymous
    November 25, 2008  

    sa sitwasyon ng dubai (UAE) ngayon, better think 1 million times before coming here under a tourist visa. ok lang if employment visa, at least, may trabaho na. ang mahirap maraming mga agencies pa rin sa Pilipinas who are giving false promises sa mga inosenteng tao na who are looking for greener pastures (either tourist visa or employment visa). about kay Manny Villar, may feedback nga dito during the time na na multiple entry yung cousin ko who stayed in oman for almost a month, na yung program ni manny na tumulong sa mga tao na stranded sa oman or kish, me bayad daw yun. hindi yulad ng k jinggoy estrada na talagang wala. yay!!

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