Eheads, The Movie!

Nov 21, 2008

The filmed coverage of the Eraserheads reunion concert last August 30 at the Fort Bonifacion Open Field will be shown on theaters starting November 26, according to news reports.

Will I watch it? No, of course not! I was there so why should I watch it? He, he. At the concert, we called our friends (who where not as fortunate as yours truly to have bosses related to MTV bosses, he he) to give insider info about the sad news on Ely and while they were glued to their tv's breaking news, they saw us in GMA-7.

I wont watch the movie cuz if I saw myself there on the big screen e sumigaw pa ako ng Ayun ako o! Kahiya!

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  • frenchy
    November 23, 2008  

    Uy thanks for the info. I would definitely watch this as I missed the concert itself. I will also check if I can see you there. :)

  • Dinah
    November 25, 2008  

    my profile picture was taken during the concert. we were waiting for the second set and I was leaning on the railing a few feet from the stage. there were lots of cameras taking videos of the audience so for sure nandun ako, he he :-)

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