I Voted For Suzanne Franco

Nov 27, 2008

Being new on the blogosphere, you are always on the look-out for blogs that will help you achieve your goals in blogging. I read Manuel and Fatherblogger regularly since they are both very helpful to novice bloggers like me. They provide rich content and very informative tips and tricks on blogging.

I was intrigued when I first saw Angel's post about I Voted for Suzanne Franco. So I went and check out her blog and for days now, have been regularly checking her site. And I was pleasantly surprised and frankly convinced that she deserved the title, Blogging Idol. You see, Suzanne Franco's blog, like SM, has it all. From Making Money Online, to Affiliate Marketing, Niche Marketing, SEO and a lot more, her site gives you an idea that possibilities in the blogging world are endless.

So yes, I Voted for Suzanne Franco and if you get to love her blog, like I do, vote for her.

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