Immaculate Conception Parish in Balayan Batangas

Nov 18, 2008

This is the Immaculate Conception Parish in Balayan, Batangas where my nephew was baptized last Saturday.

The historical marker reads:

Unang ipinatayong yari sa mahihinang kagamitan ng mga paring Pransiskano sa ilalim ng pamamahala ni Padre Fransisco De Santa Maria noong 1579. Inilipat ang pamamahalang espiritwal ni Padre Juan De Oliver sa mga Heswita sa pamumuno ni Padre Pedro Chirino 591. Ipinatayong yari sa bato noong 1748. Muling inilipat ang pamamahala ng parokya sa mga Paring Sekular na Kastila.1753. Pagkaraan sa mga Rekoletos 1876. Isinalin sa mga Paring Sekular na Pilipino sa ilalim ng Arsidiyoeses ng Maynila 1908. Napalipat ang pangangasiwa sa Diyosesis ng Lipa at ang pari ay si Padre Benigno Gamez.

The bell tower:

The altar and ceiling:
I forgot to take pictures however of the McDonald's store in the church ground which was the subject of heated debates some years back. Oh, and there is now a van terminal beside McDonald's, which is also inside the church ground.

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  • BatangasNgaun
    February 26, 2010  

    cool pics dude ill visit this church when i visit balayan batangas

  • mgrozman
    March 05, 2010  

    the view is nice. you should try san jose and

  • Unknown
    March 08, 2010  

    ang ganda talga sa batangas

    im proud to be batangueno

  • Bogs
    December 09, 2010  

    The original fast food chain (Mcdo) was originally proposed for Batangas City and from what I recall was one of the reason why the parish wants to demolish the old convent formerly occupied by St. Bridget's. We objected (this also caused a great amount of controversy) and tried to save the old convent.

    Only to find out that the Mcdo would be built in Balayan instead. One of the difficult institutions or persons that one can fight against or ask to see it a different way would be the CLERGY. They like to criticize but hate to be criticized. They use arguments for their own needs and gain. The clergy are good businessmen. Just look around. Lipa Cathedral instead of having a fence, have several commercial establishments for a fence. The poor state of conservation and heritage awareness are partly due to the clergy themselves. They think they own the church they are assigned to.

    Minsan yung ibang mga pari, walang pinag-kaiba sa mga pulitiko.


  • Bogs
    December 09, 2010  

    Check this link for the controversial decision by the clergy and the putting up of Mcdo.


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