The Nestle Commercial Made Me Cry

Nov 10, 2008

There is this newest Nestle commercial where you see a family of four riding the MRT and my husband was like, where are they going during an obviously noche buena time? Then you see them again riding down the escalator with some picnic things and then setting up that picnic on the sidewalk. Then you see a teenager, inside a call center, weary and almost weepy, obviously working late on a Christmas night and you see him looking out the window and seeing his family waving at him to join the salo-salo. Yeah, it made me cry. I don't know why. My husband and my son Drexelle were laughing so hard as I was wiping my tears. I told my husband, what if Drexelle was the son who was working at a Christmas night, don't you think I will not ask all of you to do the same? He, he. That stopped both of them from laughing, but I could see a beautiful smile coming from Drexelle.

And now, writing this down, I am again misty-eyed. Heh!

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