The Great Bohol Adventure

Dec 12, 2008

We were in Bohol from December 3-9 and boy, did we enjoy it! It was our first time to travel alone, as a family, without the usual extended family members or friends. It was also the first plane ride for my kids. Ishi was afraid at first, complete with a trembling chin and teary eyes, but later on was very happy to be up there on the clouds. They just complained of a little pain in the ears which disappeared later on.

Day 1
We arrived at the Bohol Divers Resort ( I got a package from Tata Rabe, she is a very accommodating lady and will give you a package that will suit you, contact her at at around 4pm. Our room was at the other side of the resort, with a garden view and 2 minutes walk to the beach and 5 minutes walk to the big swimming pool. The walk was really a good thing since it helped us burn the food, he he. We immediately went to check the beach and we were not disappointed!A girl brought these starfish for us to enjoy and we happily pose for pictures.
After the kids had a blast enjoying the water, we headed back to our room and change for a dip at the big, shallow pool, which we had all for ourselves.
When the kids got hungry, we changed for dinner and headed back to the beach in search of the famous Trudis Place. After a delicious dinner, we had pork sinigang and fried chicken, but no pictures since we were all very hungry by then, we head back to the resort, changed again to our swimwears and went back to the pool.

At around 9 pm, the kids were finally willing to go to bed, tired but eager for the next day of adventure!

Watch out for Day 2, The Great Bohol Land Tour.

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  • Anonymous
    December 15, 2008  

    The ist pictureyou posted was very very familiar! I believe I must have been to this place, we were just driving around the island. I love Bohol, but Tagbilaran, the city was very very slow at night as in there were no one at the bars hahaha, there were only us, my friends who came with me. hahaha

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