The Great Bohol Land Tour part 2

Dec 22, 2008

Day 2, Part 2

We had our buffet lunch at Loboc's Rio Verde Floating Resto. We missed the first boat and had to wait for the next one.

This boat was reserved for Cesar Montano, Sunshine Cruz, Rico J. Puno and party. They were accompanied by the mayor, and a lot of Loboc local officials. Rumor has it the he will run for Governor in the next election. Oh, is that why bati na sila ni Shine? he he, tsismis.

This is our cozy boat, which had 5 tables only.
There was an Ati community at the end of the river and we stopped by for some pictures.
Below is Rico J. Puno who had a concert in Baclayon Church for the December 8 town fiesta.

The river was so beautiful and the cruise so relaxing. The food was very good also. Our singer was very entertaining and the other tourists were all singing with him and requesting songs and just thoroughly enjoying themselves.

How was the cruise, just look at my kids!

After a leisurely 2 and a half hour lunch, we stopped to see the bolo making and nipa weaving (i forgot to take a picture (blame the heavy lunch!)
Then we went to see some Tarsiers, and boy, they were so cute. There was a guide in the Tarsier sanctuary who was very kind and gave us permission to have our photo with this cute tarsier. Danniel wont touch it but went behind a tree so he can also have a picture :-)

Our next stop was the home of the 23-foot Phyton, named Prony.

Can you see the picture below? It was fed a pig, a whole pig!

This is Marimar, the tour guide. He said they feed the snake once a month, either with a pig or goat. My husband and Drexelle said he look like a cross between Michael V and Ogie Alcasid. Our next stop was the Baclayon, a church made of stone corals. For more information, read this.

Our last stop for the day was the Blood Compact Site located in Bool, Tagbilaran City. The sculpture was made by National Artist Napoleon Abueva. While we were there, one tourist went up to whisper to wish inside the cup, so we followed suit. He he, suckers. Aside from the rich history, the Blood Compact site has a very beautiful view.
As a review, we were able to visit the Cholocate Hills, the Billar Man-Made Mahogany Forest, tasted the local delicacy Alupi, the hanging bridge in Sevilla, Loboc River, saw bolo making and nipa weaving, saw the Tarsiers and the Phyton, the Baclayon Church, the souvenir shops (no photo, left at the van) and the Blood Compact site. Yep, 11 sites in all. We were at the resort by six pm. And guess what? While me and my husband were dead tired already, the kids still begged for a swim at the pool and had to be threatened with bodily harm to leave the pool by 9pm!
We still had to wake up at 5 for our sea tour!

More of the sea tour on next entries!

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  • Anonymous
    December 24, 2008  

    GURL! just wishing you a very merry christmas and a happy new year!

    I enjoyed lookin' at all your pictures. I was there last Nov 2007 pretty much the very same places you went but you took a much better pic than us, inulan kasi kami pati singit ko basang basa hahaa! I would love to come back! Bohol is such a beautiful place. In my mind, para akong nasa Mexico.

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