The Great Bohol Land Tour

Dec 15, 2008

Day 2, Part 1

Our second day is the Great Bohol Land Tour, promising some 11 sites/spots. Call time was at 9am, and we were in Carmen by 1030am. It was raining on the way there but has thankfully stopped once we reached the Chocolate Hills in Carmen. And the view, W-O-W! Though the hills are green and not chocolate-y, they were very beautiful! You can imagine how they look like come summer. We had lots of fun posing for photos and here are some of them.

the214-step hill going up to the view deck:Chocolate Hills:
These were taken by the photographers there.
The chocolate lover:The chocolate lover boy:

After taking some 300 photos (he he, adik!), we were on our way back to Loboc. We stopped by a church and our driver slash tour guide bought a native delicacy called Alupi. It was like suman, and has coconut strips. I forgot what else it was made of as we were so busy eating. Sayang, we didn't get to buy any for pasalubong because we were still busy talking about the awesome Chocolate Hills and we were trying to reach the Loboc river in time for lunch.

We stopped when we passed by the Billar Man-Made Forest and even inside the air conditioned van, you could feel a change in the temperature once inside the forest. It was really cool what they did here and hope we can do this in Manila (like Wheelers in near Manila City Hall?)

We also passed by the Hanging Bridge in Sevilla. At the other side were souvenir shops where you can get tarsier items for very cheap prices.
Watch out for The Great Loboc River Cruise.

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