Be A Little More Thankful

Jan 28, 2009

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. I nudged my husband and made lambing for him to make breakfast and pack lunch for the us and the kids and was happily surprised when he quietly obliged! I was shouting instructions on what to cook (hot dogs) and how many should go into each lunchbox and to remind my son to take his meds after eating his breakfast, while still in bed. I only got up when my eldest asked for his baon. I was still grumpy, maybe because of a bad cold, I self-rationalized. But I know deep inside that its because I don't want to go to work today after taking a leave of absence yesterday. Yes, I want to be a stay-at home mom and have more time with the kids. Sigh. But its not financially possible at this time. So I reluctantly prepared to go to work.

On the way to drop my pre-schooler to school, I felt a little ashamed of myself for being less thankful of my job and source of income. Wednesday is garbage day on our street and I saw a couple digging through the plastic garbage bags to look for whatever they can recycle and sell. On the next street, I saw some kids doing the same. And I realized that I really should be more thankful; my kids are happy and healthy and able to go to school, my husband is loving and sweet, my house is a home and the job that I have pays well and the company is no danger of collapse.

Yes, I have a lot of reasons to be thankful. Though my dearest desire to be able to save enough to quit my job and start my own business and have more time with my family may just take a little more time, I am thankful for what I have now which is more than most people have.

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  • Unknown
    January 28, 2009  

    hello! i like your blog and i am adding you to my list of nominations for the triple awards.please read about it in my blog. tnx!

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