My New Year Resolution

Jan 5, 2009

This is the first time that I will commit myself to a New Year resolution. Its just that I have never believed that you have to wait for the new year to do or change something about yourself. But while cooking and watching Unang Hirit this morning, they said that once you have written down(yes, write it down to make it more realistic and achievable) that something that you want to do/change/achieve/work for and share it with people who cares about you, they will help you get it whether consciously or unconsciously. So for the year 2009, here are what I resolve to be:
1. Be a better wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend. Yes, I love my family and friends without reservation and I know that they do too. But sometimes, other things get in the way of showing them that I love them so I resolve to show my love unconditionally. I will try to say I love You more often, in words and in deed and give a little more than my share of hugs, kisses, pat on the back or just my ear for support. Call friends more often.
2. Be a little less cynical and have a little more faith in the human race. Laugh more and always think about the good side of things. Be happier.
3. Learn to budget and save more. Cut back on non-essentials. Always remind self will be sending 3 kids (pre-school and elementary) and 1 sister (college) to school next June. That should do it when deciding whether buying need or want.
4. De-clutter and de-stress. Be proactive. Do what needs to be done right away and stop procrastinating. Start right now.
5. Be healthier this year and encourage the whole family to do the same.

I just realize that I am just writing down my reason for living! I live to love my family, be happier, be debt-free and stress-free and a little more healthier. Well, then I should have no problem with my new year's resolution.

So, what about you? How do you plan to live the year 2009?

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