Not Just Another Social Networking Site

Jan 19, 2009

There are lots of social networking sites out there but do they really have what you need? I have a friendster account, which I use mainly to look for my old schoolmates and a multiply account to showcase my pictures and nice finds from the net. I also have account from several forums to discuss various areas of interests. But what If there is a site where you can do all this? Good thing I recently discovered a unique networking site where people can share their "stuff" and get connected with people of same interest. By sharing the same interests in books, cars, movies, vacation spots, etc, you get to find new friends! Or better yet, invite your friends so you can all have fun checking out the stuff you all love. You also get to upload pictures, discuss any topic of interests, and share recommendations and even promote your blog! Cool, huh! You can also add some items in your wish list so your friends will have an idea what you want during your birthday. So, if you want a social networking site that will give you all that and more, check out Acobay.

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