Inexpensive Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Feb 6, 2009

As married woman with kids, I still feel the need for some romance just like the next girl. And what better day to get into it than on Valentine's Day? But the practical side of me is always competing with the romantic side, feeling a little guilty when money that could be used for the kids or for the house is used to buy something for me. So here are some things I would love to receive from my family without the guilty feeling:
  • Anything personalized.
A love letter, a poem, a card, a CD or a drawing or anything made by my loved ones top my list as this shows their effort and thoughtfulness. I would really, really love a scrap book that would show how much they love me!
  • Flowers.
Who wouldn't want to get flowers? Need not be the expensive, over-the top bouquet. Just one (or three or a dozen, he he) white rose from the husband will do it for me. Or from the kiddos, the neighbor's Gumamela or Santan pickings will do just fine. It will definitely warm my heart!
  • Chocolates.
To give me that warm fuzzy feeling, I could do with a pack of Flat Tops or Chocnut or Cloud Nine as these are comfort food for me. A warm cup of chocolate drink will also do the trick.
  • A book by my favorite author and I don't mind second hand books!
One of my favorite haunts are book sales so my husband knows that I don't care much for brand new (except for new releases like Twilight!) as long as its in readable condition.
  • A dish cooked for me.
For a change, I want to eat something I didn't prepare. If its my favorite dish then its an even bigger treat.
  • A picnic or a movie marathon.
I want a picnic at the QC Memorial Circle. Much better if not organized by me. If its a DVD marathon of my favorite movies (Star Wars, Godfather, Star Trek, Harry Potter), best served with popcorn cooked by husband.
  • A plant or cute gardening tools.
I love gardening and when I have time, I plant flowers in the tiny patch I call a garden. A potted flowering plant will just be adorable. A small hand trowel or pruning shears will be perfect. I am not sure if they are expensive though.

There are other Valentine's gift ideas out there that are inexpensive and will truly be appreciated by your loved ones. You just have to flex your creative muscles a little! But the best Valentine's gift for me will always be my family's love and affection! And Valentine's, just like Christmas is not the only day for giving gifts and showing love. Make it a habit to say I love You to your husband and kids.

Advance Happy Valentine's Day to All!

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  • Anonymous
    February 06, 2009  

    I like your suggestions about choosing right and inexpensive valentine gifts...

  • Anonymous
    February 07, 2009  

    These are very practical gifts that are inexpensive. I do agree with all of them. Thanks for sharing Dinah. Happy valentines in advance. Meron bang valentino? lol...

  • Freddy
    February 07, 2009  

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