Internet Privacy

Feb 23, 2009

Do you sometimes visit blogs when you are at the office and sometimes feel guilty because you are using company resources? Do you sometimes feel scared that you might bring a virus to your pc or worse, that your IP address might be hacked? If you are renting at a computer shop, are your files free from external attack? Or should you just stick to using your own computer and internet at the safety of your home? I wonder if vpn really does work? I am a newbie blogger and I am really still wading through the murky waters of the internet, so to speak, and I know that all the help I could get with regards to security is most welcome.

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  • donmaxoni
    February 23, 2009  

    If you love blogging then I am sure you heard about proxy . There are many companies offering you some protection service for your data in the online world. Make sure that you choose the trustable company for it so you can safe your data

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