Just Asking

Feb 3, 2009

What the hell are these for? I'm just asking. I can't understand why our local government officials feel that they need to greet us Happy Holidays, Happy Graduation and Happy Fiesta and other inane Happy Whatever, as pictured from a street near our house. These are eyesores I tell you and serve no other purpose than to annoy you in thinking why you need to pay for your taxes when they will just use it to print these things. The election is a year away and we can expect this to get worst.

But I think this one is more irritating than most. This is a HAPPY VALENTINES greeting!!! Forgive the quality of the photo, I was so pissed while I was taking this.
I'm just asking here, do we have a law that prohibits this kind of of things?

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  • Khaye
    February 03, 2009  

    capaign ads!haha. they are starting to sell themselves. wink :)

  • Anonymous
    February 03, 2009  

    ganyan naman talaga silang lahat..

  • Anonymous
    February 03, 2009  

    Malapit na kasi ang 2010, Dinah, hehehe

    Hmn, those posters are familiar. Mukhang nadaanan ko na 'yang area mo. I'm sure it's in Q.C. ;)

  • PhilJurisDigest
    February 03, 2009  

    ahm, ang alam ko,it depends on the theme kasi. I know that no one is allowed to campaign outside the campaign period (which is 90 days prior to election day, if my memory serves me right ^__^).
    So the better way to be remembered by voters is to "campaign-kuno" early on by having this GREETINGS AD. It's legal, legally speaking, kasi di sila nagcacampaign, but downright unethical tlga kasi nga naman parang nagbebenta ka kung kelan malapit na ang eleksyon, moreover dagdag gastos at basura na rin pag nagkabagyo.

    ayun, kainis no? :D:D

  • Dinah
    February 04, 2009  

    Yep, 3rd dist in QC. Meron din yung banners naman ni Sonny Belmonte kasama ang anak nya yata na si Joy Belmonte. Pupusta ko, she will run for councilor come election.

    Hay Carlo, this may be "legal" but eksakto ka, its UNETHICAL!

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