My Shopaholic Confession

Feb 9, 2009

My name is Dinah and I'm a shopaholic.

I had my first real job at the age of 20, and armed with a payslip and certificate of employment, I applied for my first ever credit card and was approved. I had more pre-approved cards after that. After laying my hands on them, throwing caution to the wind, I swiped to my hearts content! And that was the start of my love-hate relationship to all things shopping-with-a-credit card related.

One time (the start of many and usual occurrences), after feeling particularly good about myself for a job well done(or whatever excuse I can think of), I went to a nearby mall to just look around. I liked this blouse and I liked that shirt and when I was already lined up at the counter to pay, I just realized that I bought 5 blouses, a shoes, and some things for the house. And I still need to buy some groceries! On anybody else, this wouldn't be so bad. But I was then:

1. Earning minimum wage
2. Married to a minimum wage earner
3. Had a one-year old kid (think formula milk, vaccination, doctors, diapers, etc, etc)
4. Renting a house
5. Paying for household help
6. Paying utility bills and a lot more

After that it became a habit. When our combined salary is not enough to pay those expenses, instead of cutting down on the spending, I swipe. I never bothered to look at our budget, always thinking that I could use my credit card to buy and pay for things. Every payday, I buy new clothes and stuff for me, hubby and the baby and some things for the house. Until one time, the card was declined while I was then buying formula milk and I had no cash with me! The reality of it all sunk in. Instead of paying for the card bill when its due, I would almost always just pay for the minimum amount, thinking I would pay it next time in full anyway. And of course, eventually the amount piled up. It got so bad that I can't open credit card bills anymore for fear of heart attack! My salary was just used for paying those credit card bills and we had no savings at all. That time of my life was a nightmare!

Now, I am a shopaholic no more. I only have one credit card, used only in extreme emergencies. I am still paying for some of those cards and I have learned my lesson the hard way. Now with 3 kids and a mortgage, I think a thousand times before buying stuff. I haven't even bought a Digicam even on zero-interest card installment plans!

This is my shopaholic confession and I hope you learn from my story. I am excited to watch the movie and I am sure I can definitely relate.

Catch Confessions of a Shopaholic in Cinemas on February 18, 2009!

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