Valentine's Day Is For Fathers Too

Feb 10, 2009

My husband with the Kiddos in Virgin Island, Bohol.

I recently wrote about what I would like to receive from my family this Valentine's Day and I
realized that I haven't shared what I and the kids could do for their father that day. So here are just some of my ideas of what would probably make my husband happy.

1. Serve him his favorite breakfast.
Valentine's day falls on a Saturday and hubby has to work. So for his breakfast, I will prepare him his favorite Pansit and Pandesal with coffee. To make it more special, we could serve it in bed and have a special bonding time.
2. Prepare his favorite lunch.
One of my husband's favorite dish is Sarciadong Isda and I can easily make this for him because tomatoes are really cheap now, he he. We can put post-it notes with I love you's to his lunchbox and surprise him.
3. Prepare his favorite dinner.
Its a toss between Dinuguan and Batchoy and I am not yet sure if i should prepare this because he will surely eat a lot!

Have you noticed that all of the above are about food? Well, they say the surest way to a man's heart is through his stomach, so why not?

4. Give him a massage or a foot spa.
We have a home-spa kit and I can easily do this once he is rested. My little girl of 4 gives a mean back massage (where she stands on your back and walks all over!) while the boys can take out his white hair or massage his head or something. He he.
5. Give him the TV remote control.
The kids always have the last say on what we should watch at night (except for news). So for a change, tell the kids that Daddy can choose what he wants to watch and we should enjoy it with him.
6. Have a movie marathon.
Since its Sunday the following day, we can all stay up late and watch a movie of his choice. I just hope he wont ask us to watch Manny Pacquiao's latest boxing bouts!
7. Give him tickets to a basketball game.
Just too bad that the PBA games will end this Wednesday. He would definitely love to watch the game live.

The above examples are just some things that are very easy to do since we do most of them them daily anyway. But what makes it special is we will make him feel extra loved on that day. My dear husband is very easy to please and the kids will surely enjoy making their father's Valentine's Day extra special.

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