Zenni Optical: Chic and Reasonably Priced, even The NY Times Says So

Feb 17, 2009

I used to wear eyeglasses and contact lens. I got tired of the tedious job of putting on and taking off contact lenses so I stuck to the wearing eyeglasses more. But when the one I was using was broken, I didn't immediately bought new ones. I felt that the one I had wasn't exactly worth the amount I paid for it. See, even when buying eyeglasses, I still consider that I should get the best value for my hard-earned money. I want chic, stylish and comfortable glasses that will not put a big dent on my pockets. Some people I know don't visit eye doctors for check up because they feel that once they are told they need to wear glasses, they are required to buy right there and then. I, on the other hand, don't feel the same way. I know that it is my right to choose the glasses I want, with the budget I have and to buy them where I will get my money's worth.

Therefore, Zenni Optical then is the logical choice for me. No less than The New York Times in their article entitled "Patient Money-Seeing Straight Without Breaking The Bank" recommended Zenni Optical for eyeglasses and frames at prices starting at $8! Even in the Philippines, that's a definite steal considering that the lowest priced glasses I can find here are at P1,000.00 for ordinary ones. Zenni Optical glasses on the other hand comes with free anti-scratch coating, UV protection and lens edge polishing and beveling! Best deal ever, don't you think? According their website, they are able to sell their stylish prescription glasses at low prices because they sell direct from manufacturers and do not spend unnecessarily on advertising. Now, that's a brilliant idea!

I browsed their site and I found this one which I really, really like. It has rimless, stainless steel frame. It is definitely chic, stylish and reasonably priced! Other available frame colors are silver, brown, gold, pink and black. Of course, there are other products to choose from depending on your specific eye needs and budget. But I think I will get one these one from Zenni Optical for myself.

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