Bakunado Ako

Mar 9, 2009

I was invited last week by Nuffnang to the second wave of their Flu Awareness Seminar and I was happy to attend. They also invited me the first time but mommy-duties prevented me from going. Last Saturday however, Drexelle and I went, learned a lot, got free flu shots and had a good time.

Dr. Ruby Mendoza-Dizon, Medical Director of Sanofi Pasteur Philippines gave a brief talk and I agree completely on what she said at the beginning of the seminar. She said that as mothers, we cannot control everything that can happen to our children, but what we can control or prevent, we will definitely do. And giving them protection against diseases is one of them.

Influenza, is a contagious, respiratory viral illness that is commonly mistaken as colds. The common symptoms of flu are runny nose, sore throat, headache, fever for 3-5 days, body aches and fatigue for about two weeks.

Flu can be passed on very easily , even while you haven't manifested the symptoms and until 7 days after you had it yourself. To prevent flu, we must have a well-balanced diet, exercise and most especially, vaccination or flu shots. Only people with true allergy to chicken eggs may not be vaccinated, but everybody must be vaccinated. The best time to get the vaccine is February-June, and every year thereafter.

We must remember that we must all be vaccinated against the flu, but more so if:
  1. you have Cardiac Problems
  2. if you have Diabetes
  3. if you have Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
  4. if you have children
  5. if you have an elderly at home
  6. if you are pregnant
  7. even if you are healthy and working
  8. and 2 weeks before you travel abroad
Here are some questions raised during the seminar and Dr. Ruby's answer to them:
  1. How much does the vaccine cost? It depends but around P1,500-P2,000 (wow, big savings for us!)
  2. Is this given free by the local government? No, this vaccine is different from HIB vaccine given at health centers.
  3. When is the best time to get the flu shots? From February to June and then yearly.
  4. When do you get immunity? You are immune from flu two weeks after the shot. So those planning to travel must get in advance.
  5. Can I get the vaccine even if I am on the pill or other form contraception? Yes, everybody can be vaccinated except if you have a true allergy to chicken eggs.
  6. Can I drink after this? Yes! You can resume all forms of recreation after this.
  7. Do I need to be isolated after vaccination? No, becasue the flu virus is inactive.
All in all, it was a fun and very educational aftenoon.

Dr. Ruby ended her talk with a challenge:
Don't Get The Flu.
Don't Spread The Flu.
Get Vaccinated.
Bakunado Ka Na Ba?
And we are happy to say that:

Drexelle & Mommy, Bakunado sa Flu!

4 comments: to “ Bakunado Ako

  • Ron Centeno
    March 09, 2009  

    Buti naman, dahil rampant ngayon ang flu kahit dito.

    Pagnabakunahan ka, kahit mag ka flu ka man at least protected ka na hindi lumala.

    PS. Takot ako sa injection!

  • Anonymous
    March 11, 2009  

    I was there Dinah but I wasn't able to mingle with you. Yey, bakunado na tayo. ^_^

  • zorlone
    March 11, 2009  

    Hello Dinah,
    That's brave of you and I hope your blog reaches a lot of readers. Summer invites a lot of diseases, specially with the changing temperature.
    Informative post!
    And don't forget to keep hydrated.


  • Dinah
    March 11, 2009  

    Thanks Ron & Zorlone :-) Mommy can't be scared with First born being very brave about it! ha ha

    Hi Snow, yes I saw you sa table near us, kaso was too shy din to say hi :-) next time, pramis!

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