Breast Cancer Awareness

Mar 24, 2009

In celebration of International Women's Month, our HR department sponsored a series of talks on women's health and I was fortunate to attend the Breast Cancer Awareness seminar. Dr. Cristina Santos, a breast surgeon from Gift2LIfe Inc. gave a very interesting talk. She told us about benign cysts and cancerous lumps, the economics of cancer and the effects it would have on you and your family. She emphasized that cancer is treatable and that the old notion that cancer means death is untrue. Dr. Santos emphasized that early detection means an increase in your chances of survival.

Wacoal also gave a talk on getting the perfect fit on your brassieres. Dr. Santos was quick to reply on a question regarding unfit bras and cancer, saying that it is a myth.

Gift2 Life Inc also gave a free breast examination and I was the second in line. I was afraid really that I might have a lump, and because I was continuously using oral contraceptives for 5 years. It increases the chances of getting cancer, as mentioned on the talk. Thankfully, I had no lump. Dr. Santos very kindly told me that I better talk to may husband about this so that we may both agree on what we could do as an alternative to our family planning method. She also advised me to have a mammogram at age 35 (it is recommended for 50 years and above, and 35 and above for those in high risk).

All-in all it was a very informative afternoon. Though I cringe at pictures of actual cancer victims, Dr. Santos was right in saying that we should be informed so that if there is somebody we know, especially our loved ones who might be at risk for breast cancer, we would know what to do.

By the way, Gift2Life Inc. gives Breast Cancer Awareness Lecture and Clinical Breast Examination with Biopsy for FREE. For more information, contact Dr. Cristina L. Santos (President, GIFT2LIFE INC) at +63917-8587237.

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