The Good Wife's Guide

Mar 21, 2009

I got this from forwarded email and thought to share it here.  This, according to the picture was on an issue of Housekeeping Monthly published in 13 May, 1955.  And 54 years after it was printed, reading this makes me laugh. Yes, laugh.  The notations on the picture are not mine, but they are the ones I would like to highlight as well. I can  understand how catering to his comfort can provide you with immense personal satisfaction.  See, if I am doing something for the man I love, it is not a chore.  Its love, and what I do is a sincere way of showing it.  However, his topics of conversation are not more important than mine.  If  I love the man and the man loves me back, what I have to say must be important to him as well.  But to never complain when he comes home late or goes out with his friends or stays out all night?  As a married man, he can do all of this, provided that the wife is aware of it.  It can happen some time, but not all the time.  I can understand that my husband has to have time with The Boys, to unwind and relax.  But not at the expense of his time with his family. I agree that I have no right to question his judgment and integrity because I already know him for the man he is. And if I knew the man I married, I know that we are in this together and that I am always part of the decision process. And the article is right.  A good wife must always know her place. And I know my place.  It is right beside my husband.

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